Aptos (APT), Rollblock (RBLK),  and Arbitrum (ARB) Hot on Investors Lists for Summer Bull Run

As the world prepares to enter the summer months of sunshine, crypto investors are preparing a list of top DeFi tokens that harbor good growth potential ahead of the anticipated summer bullish run. Investors have identified three DeFi coins that are poised to bull in the summer. 

These DeFi coins were selected based on market performance, trends, and developments in the individual ecosystems of crypto projects, among other factors. Having analyzed several key market indicators, the three top DeFi tokens that are expected to rally include Aptos (APT), Rollblock (RBLK), and Arbitrum (ARB). More details are below.

Rollblock (RBLK) Introduces First Community-backed iGaming and Play-to-earn Project 

The Rollblock (RBLK) project is a fast-rising igaming protocol that offers one of the best gaming platforms as well as a play-to-earn adventure for its members. Rollblock executes its services by synergizing the best features of centralized and decentralized protocols to provide top-notch services to its community members. 

Meanwhile, the Rollblock presale has kicked off to a flying start, given the over 8.8 million RBLK presale already sold so far in the first stage of its presale. Notably, the $RBLK token is projected to see over 1,200% gain within the entire seven presale phases of the project. As such, investing in the Rollblock presale now that it is still in its first stage might be one of the best investment decisions to make in 2024.

What’s more, the current price of the $RBLK presale is only $0.01. Given the token’s deflationary mechanism, the low-cost presale price represents a bargain for investors. Due to Rollblocks revenue share model, the deflationary feature of RBLK means that a percentage of the token is subjected to burning, thereby reducing the circulating supply of the token and increasing its value over time.

Notably, holders of the Rollblock token are open to receiving a percentage of the revenue generated from the site when they embark on the Hold to Earn program. Meanwhile, the RBLK token can be earned as a reward for playing on the Rollblock platform. Overall, Rollblock is an investment gold mine waiting to be harvested in 2024. 

Arbitrum (ARB) Records $150 Billion in Swap Volume 

Arbitrum (ARB), a popular Ethereum-based layer two scaling solution, has recorded a significant milestone recently. An announcement on Arbitrum’s Twitter page reveals that the scaling solution has recorded $150 billion in swap volume. Arbitrum is the first layer 2 protocol to reach such a milestone on the blockchain. 

The development will likely affect the Arbitrum price trajectory. Investors may see a significant uptrend for the DeFi coin in the coming weeks. As such, investing in Arbitrum tokens now may prove profitable in the near future.

Aptos (APT) Growing Market Activity: an Indicator of Incoming Bullish Trend 

A key market indicator has displayed a bullish signal for the Aptos (APT) token in recent weeks. For context, Aptos’ trading volume has witnessed a gradual and steady uptrend in market activity. The trading volume of Aptos has recorded about 40% on a day-to-day average growth since last week. 

Meanwhile, the Aptos price is looking to stabilize at the $9 mark. Now that the market activity of the DeFi coin is growing, Aptos may see a resurgence, which is likely to propel the token into the $15 price mark. 


The DeFi market has been gaining traction for years, with over $107B in market capitalization. With the upcoming bull market, now is the best time to accumulate the above DeFi tokens. Aptos, Arbitrum, and Rollblock are some of the tokens to accumulate now without breaking the bank. Rollblock’s unique use cases and low entry price make it worth investing in now. 

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