Don't Be Fooled: The Real Way to Test Your Internet Speed


In this digital era, a fast and trustworthy internet connection is essential. Slow internet speed can be a major buzzkill, whether you are streaming your favorite shows, attending virtual meetings, or gaming online. But how can you know if you’re getting the internet speed you’re paying for? Enter the world of internet speed testing. However, not all internet speed tests are created equal. Many factors can influence the results you get from these tests, leading to inaccurate readings. So, don’t be fooled by misleading tests. Let’s explore the real way to test your internet speed and ensure you’re getting what you’re promised.

Understanding Internet Speed

Before plunging into the specifics of testing, let’s first get down to internet speed essentials. To put it in simple terms, internet speed is the rate at which data moves from your device to the Internet and back. The measurement units are megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps). The greater your connection speed, the better internet you have.

There are several reasons why you need to test your internet speed. First, it allows you to confirm if what your ISP is offering is the kind of speed that you are getting. Second, it enables you to recognize possible problems with your connectivity, like a slow connection or network congestion. Lastly, it empowers you with information that will enable you to make decisions regarding whether to upgrade your plan or change providers.

Common Methods for Testing Internet Speed

Testing the speed of your internet can be done in different ways, but very often it is done through the use of a web-based internet speed checker and doing manual speed tests.

Internet speed checkers

Web-based tools such as internet speed test pro systems are specifically meant to gauge the speed of your network connection. By sending data packets to your device and measuring how long it takes for them to be sent back and forth, these instruments usually work. Some of the popular speed checkers include Ookla’s Speedtest, by Netflix, and Google’s Internet Speed Test.

Manual speed tests

A manual speed test includes downloading and uploading files with predetermined sizes from trusted sources and then determining the length of time it takes for the transfer to complete. However, this technique is more precise compared to checking the internet speeds with the use of online tools, but it requires some more involvement and technical knowledge.

Factors Affecting Internet Speed Test Results

Several factors can influence the results of your internet speed tests, including:

  • Network Congestion: High network traffic can lead to slower speeds, especially during peak hours.
  • Distance from Server: The closer you are to the server hosting the speed test, the faster your connection is likely to be.
  • Hardware Limitations: Outdated routers, modems, or devices can bottleneck your internet speed.
  • Interference: Physical obstacles, such as walls or electronic devices, can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, affecting your speed.

Tips for Accurate Speed Testing

To ensure accurate speed test results, consider the following tips:

  • Use Wired Connection:In order to obtain the most precise results, it is better that you connect your device directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable rather than relying on Wi-Fi.
  • Close Background Apps:To preserve bandwidth, close all apps and downloads that are not needed.
  • Restart Devices: Refresh the connection by restarting your router, modem, and device before you begin testing the speed.
  • Test at Different Times: To ascertain the differences in performance, evaluate the internet speed at various times of the day.


Misleading internet speed tests are quite deceiving. Online speed checkers, in spite of being convenient for measuring internet speeds, may not always be accurate. In order to get an accurate assessment of your internet speed, it is better to conduct manual speed tests from renowned sources. Understanding what can cause variations in the outcomes of your internet rate test and following the tips given will enable you to have the right internet speed that matches your subscription package. Therefore, the next time you want to check your internet speed, remember to test it the right way.

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