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Do you want to keep an eye on your kids’ digital activities? Is there any app available comprising such services?

Yes, there is an app proficient to provide valuable services to parents to monitor their children’s online cores. The FamiSafe App” parental control app is best known in this regard as it is versatile and reliable not only to detect digital experiences but also plays a significant role in the grooming and well-being of kids.

Read this appropriate article wisely and ensure your child’s online safety along with some exciting features that promise full-time security check, screen or location tracking, remote screenshots, etc. Maintain the enjoyable and risk-free digital environment of your child via this esteemed app.

Main Features of the FamiSafe App You Should Know About

The FamiSafe App is broadly popular across the globe because of the top features it encompasses. Here is a closer look at all the essential terms of this parental control app which you can install on desired devices.

·   Screen Tracking:

One of the top features of the FamiSafe app is that it delivers screen tracking. You can not only observe screen views but also plan a smart schedule that allows your kid to learn healthy and knowledgeable items.

·   App Blocker:

App blocking is a required feature to restrict your child’s involvement in irrelevant things. Therefore, the app blocker feature helps to prevent access to unnecessary games, and websites and can block automatically.

·   Monitor Activity:

Another beneficial feature of the FamiSafe app is that it allows you to control your kid’s digital experiences by connecting you to a screen, including how to block on TikTok, location, and GPS tracking options.

·   Location Tracking:

For your kid’s mental safety, the finest location tracking feature ensures their safety by tracking their location. Secondly, you can also track a phone using Fami for free safe search which also enables further help to give safer outcomes.

·   Driving reports and safety:

If you want to monitor your teenage driving this feature is absolutely for you. The driving reports feature is best to give you the speed reports, brakes, acceleration, etc. Moreover, this also helps new drivers to learn driving-safe skills.

·   Content detection:

The FamiSafe app also led its users to content detection. Through this, you can scan any scam message that further causes cyberbullying risks. Furthermore, you can set a notification that alerts you when any new SMS is in your kid’s inbox.

·   Remote controlled:

This is rich to develop your control over your child’s device. E.g., setting, enabling and disabling some games, websites, and remote screenshots, and also giving you every report of the digital experiences of kids.

·   User-friendly:

The FamiSafe app is compatible and user-friendly because it isn’t hazardous for you. It is approachable on iOS and Android devices in such an easy way.

·   Safety & Security:

Lastly, the most demanded feature of Safety and security is also the FamiSafe app. This confidently handles child and parents’ data and only plays a role in kids’ safety insurance.

 A comprehensive guide for How to use Wondershare FamiSafe APP

The use of the parental control “FamiSafe app” is entirely easy for beginners. You can access this esteemed platform by following the step-by-step method mentioned below.

·   Step:1

Downloading And installation of the App


Download the FamiSafe app from the Google Play Store on Android devices or the IOS App Store on your parents’ devices. Repeat this method on the children’s electronic devices as well.

·   Step:2

Account creation


Create the account on the FamiSafe app on your parents’ device and then follow towards sign up. After signing up, take in all the on-screen information for creating an account.

·   Step:3

Log In to the account on the child’s device


After completing account creation on the parents’ device then log in to the same account on the child’s device. Choose the option “Child” and then follow the instructions which include location access, media access, etc.

·   Step:4

Final setting


Lastly, link your device with the child’s device via navigation dashboards on your device. Similarly, repeat this on child devices too. Set the time limit for using, configuration setting on your device, and kid for managing and monitoring activities.

Price Plans

As this safety insurance app has three pricing plans for its users as per their budget. All these are flexible and non-irritating, you just have to subscribe to your desired one. Following are the three plans:

·   Monthly

The charges in the monthly package are $9.99 per month along with access to 5 devices and you have to pay the cost monthly.

·   Quarterly

The cost of the quarterly plan is $19.99 and the billing procedure is every three months. And you have access to 10 devices.

·   Annually

The price of the annual plan is $59.99 per year with access to unlimited devices and paying method after the completion of one year.


The availability of this subscription plan of location tracking is after the selection pricing option on the homepage of the Wondershare FamiSafe app. Then, the layout with three separate columns appears comprising pricing details. But any of your choice plans by tapping on Buy now or pay with PayPal opt.

Explore the New Feature FamiSafe app

Besides all the above-listed main features of the FamiSafe app, it has introduced a new “SOS Alter” feature to assist its users more reliably. Following is the key feature that makes it dominant and distinguishable from others.

  • In any hassle, this gives access to a single tap and connects with the parent device for help. As it contains emergency alert terms.
  • During SOS alerts, the child also efficiently sends their location to their parents because of the real-time sharing feature in it and has track cell phone location for free.
  • This activates sudden notification to notify parents about any child facing a critical situation.
  • Additionally, SOS alert delivers direct communication which further helps to immediate contact between child and parent.


FamiSafe app is the most pre-eminent parental control app that helps not only to keep an eye on your child’s digital activities but also helps to secure your child. All its key features are efficient in taking control over the digital experiences of children and it also aids in sudden critical situations.

The downloading is simplest and after account creation, you have to access it on a child device and have screen tracking which further keeps you notified of child activities and promises you and your kids safety terms too.

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