How to make a photo look like a painting using AI ?

Nowadays, web software offers a wide range of feature-rich solutions that simplify the content creation process from beginning to end., an AI-powered SAAS, is one such solution.This innovative service not only enables you to create stunning images and videos but also harnesses advanced content generation technologies to enhance your creativity.

Technology doesn’t stand still, and just five years ago we would have grabbed a canvas and paintbrush to create a self-portrait in any style. But in 2024, you don’t need to be an artist to turn your street into a Van Gogh masterpiece or your photo into a Pin Up art. AI art filters, which are artificial intelligence-based technologies that can produce impressive artwork quickly and effectively, do all the work today.

How it works?

In order to train the model, individuals or groups collect photos together with metadata, resulting in a massive dataset. By learning the customary location of colored pixels in relation to each other for different text queries, the model links words with images during training. The styles are applied using predefined prompts that provide color sets and descriptions for each style. After you upload the picture, it gets edited according to the instructions. So, you may turn your snapshot into a beautiful painting by adding or changing key features.

In 2024, the pictures we are used to are going away and their place will be taken by personalized digital portraits. You don’t need to know how to paint to create one, because artificial intelligence does all the work for you.

You can turn photos into AI art in a couple of clicks by uploading a photo, selecting the gender, and choosing the style of the picture. On Bgrem, there are all kinds of styles, including Grand Theft Auto and Anime filter, Barbie, and Superhero.

Custom portraits from photos

AI even lets you sketch portraits as if you were drawing them with a pencil.

AI even lets you sketch portraits as if you were drawing them with a pencil.

If you want your still-life drawing to stand out and be more unique, try doing a sketch beforehand. simply converting photos to drawings with a tool like a picture-to-sketch converter. With the sketch effect, apply it to your picture, and then wait for it to develop. Your final product will look like a beautiful still-life drawing.

Also, many tattoo artists use the AI tool to quickly generate tattoo sketches for their clients. To do this, they take a favorite picture, pass it through the desired sketch filter, and get a ready sketch, which can be taken to work.

tattoo artists use the AI tool to quickly generate tattoo sketches for their clients

Not just portraits, but landscapes too

Photo to line drawing not only allows you to depict people, but also transform objects, animals and even nature landscapes.

Not just portraits, but landscapes too

For pictures, we can use other AI filters; they are especially good for general plans, streets, and landscapes. Here you can feel yourself like Pablo Picasso or Vincent Willem van Gogh, as well as unconventionally depict a stone building with watercolours.

stone building with watercolours.

Instead of a conclusion

AI-generated images are freely usable for any purpose, including social media postings, posters, and YouTube backgrounds. AI technology does not replace people, but allows us to reach new heights in creativity. Obviously, in order to stay in the trend you need to use all the new tools that appear every day.

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