ipostal1 Review: Key Features, Pricing, and More

ipostal1 Review

Product Name: ipostal1

Product Description: ipostal1 is a virtual mailbox for personal and business use. With iPostal1, you get a real street address as well as daily scanning of mail and parcels.


ipostal1 is a virtual mailbox that offers a physical street address for individuals and businesses. It also provides virtual office services and has over 3,000 locations nationwide. 


  • Over 3,000 locations 
  • Addresses available in all 50 states 
  • Wide range of plans and pricing 
  • Virtual office services are available


  • Doesn’t offer registered agent services 
  • Additional fees can add up

For years, virtual mailboxes were designed for expats who needed a U.S. based address to make their lives easier. With the rise of digital nomads, people who can work anywhere and choose to live outside of the U.S., virtual mailboxes have become the perfect tool to help them get domestic mail.

ipostal1 is a digital mailbox service that caters to individuals and businesses.

They provide a physical street address, which is more flexible than a P.O. Box, while protecting your privacy. ipostal1 has over 3,000 U.S. and international locations for mail forwarding, acquiring a virtual business address, and the conveniences of a virtual office.

At A Glance

  • Digital mailbox service with over 3,000 mail center locations in the U.S.
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Supports personal and business addresses
  • Uses an actual street address instead of a postal box 
  • Scans, forwards, holds, and shreds acquired mail 

Who Should Use iPostal1

Individuals and businesses who require a physical street address can use this iPostal1 to receive mail and packages, ensuring secure delivery while avoiding postal box shipping restrictions. Further, the virtual office phone and fax features can benefit small businesses that need geographic flexibility.

ipostal1 can scan or forward mail at your request so that you can receive critical correspondence while away from the office.

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iPostal1 Alternatives

Anytime Mailbox logo
Northwest Registered Agent logo
PostScan Mail logo
# of locations 2,200+ Locations in all 50 states;
total number not published
Starting Price Varies by location, but
many start at $9.99 monthly
$20 monthly
(mail forwarding service)
$10 monthly
Registered Agent? No Yes Limited
Learn More Learn More Learn More
Table of Contents
  1. At A Glance
  2. Who Should Use iPostal1
  3. iPostal1 Alternatives
  4. What Is iPostal1?
  5. Over 3,000 Worldwide Locations 
  6. Virtual Mailing Address
  7. Virtual Business Address
  8. Virtual Office
  9. Pricing
    1. iPostal1 Monthly Plans
    2. Optional Services
    3. Phone and Fax Rates for Virtual Office Plans
  10. iPostal1 vs. Anytime Mailbox
  11. iPostal1 vs. Northwest Registered Agent
  12. iPostal1 vs PostScan Mail
  13. FAQs
  14. Summary

What Is iPostal1?

iPostal1 offers virtual mailing addresses, business addresses, and virtual office packages across the United States, U.S. territories, and 18 countries. It’s a valuable tool for individuals and businesses looking for a physical street address to receive packages and mail at a staffed office. 

For example, if you run a home-based business, you may not want your residential address to appear on bank checks, invoices, and other correspondence. If you’re an influencer, you may not want fans to know your home address. A physical address also gives you more versatility than a P.O. Box, as you can receive shipments from FedEx, UPS, and Amazon without worrying about porch pirates. Also, some companies won’t accept a P.O. Box.

ipostal1 homepage
Homepage Screenshot

ipostal1 can forward, scan, shred, and hold your mail for collection. Its virtual office packages offer phone and fax features to communicate with customers through a dedicated local or toll-free number.

You can sign up with ipostal1 with a government ID confirming your physical address. This contact information remains hidden; you can use the iPostal1 mailing details to receive correspondence. 

You can also fill out a USPS Form 1583 and additional paperwork to authorize a third party, such as an employee or relative, to pick up your mail on your behalf.

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Over 3,000 Worldwide Locations 

It’s possible to get a real street address from over 3,000 locations across the entire United States plus 18 countries. The address can be a mail center, shipping store, or workspace. 

The U.S. locations include:

  • All 50 states
  • District of Columbia
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

California (495), Texas (305), Florida (294), Georgia (127), and North Carolina (112) are the five states with the most locations.

Some cities have multiple locations that may offer different amenities and pricing. Other states and countries may only have a few locations that may not be easy to reach, so you must rely on digital scanning and forwarding services.  

ipostal1 locations

Pricing starts at $9.99 per month for entry-level services at a “standard” property, but some locations have a higher starting price as they provide more features. However, a “select” location starts at $19.99 and includes an office building address.  

When you search for a location on the ipostal1 website, you’ll see the starting price and a list of services for shipping and ancillary business tasks.

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Virtual Mailing Address

All personal plans include a virtual mailing address – which is a physical street address with your own personal box number – for receiving mail from USPS and third-party delivery services like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. As mail arrives, the location scans an exterior image of the package or envelope.

Complimentary benefits available with all plans include:

  • Up to six recipient names per address (no company name)
  • 30-day letter and package storage (dimensions up to 12x12x12 or 1,728 cubic inches)
  • 10-day storage (packages between 1,728 and 4,895 cubic inches—24x17x12 inches)
  • 5-day storage (packages exceeding 4,896 cubic inches
  • Preparation of commercial invoice (for international shipments)
  • Consolidation of letters into one package for forwarding
Pricing Screenshot, taken May 2024

The number of complimentary mail items per month depends on your chosen plan. The range stretches from 30 free items to 240 items with four plan options. Junk mail doesn’t count toward the monthly limit. To conserve space in this iPostal1 review, the business address and virtual office plans have the same core features above. 

After exhausting the monthly limit for mail items, you pay $0.35 per excess item above the plan maximum. Additional fees apply for scanning the envelope contents, extended storage, and consolidating multiple items to save on shipping. 

Other optional services include receiving faxes, sending outbound mail, depositing checks by mail, and purchasing additional shipping insurance.

Virtual Business Address

Small business owners can enjoy a physical street address off-site from their home-based or mobile business.

Businesses must opt for virtual business address plans, which have features similar to personal virtual mailing address plans but have a higher monthly fee and the ability to add a company name. Depending on the plan tier, you receive 30, 60, 120, or 240 complimentary mail items monthly.

While the fees are higher, the optional services are the same as those paid by personal users. You can designate one company name and up to six recipient names per address.

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Virtual Office

A virtual office adds other office-related services in addition to receiving mail. These include phone answering, faxing, personal greetings, and voicemail messaging services.

All ipostal1 virtual office plans include a business address, phone number, and fax number. You can choose a local or toll-free number in any U.S. city. Each plan provides up to 250 free voicemail minutes monthly, although you pay for inbound and outbound calls by the minute.

Like the two lower tiers, your plan cost depends on how many free mail items you need each month. Toll-free numbers cost more monthly than local numbers. 

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You can pay month-to-month although purchasing an annual plan provides two free months. Upon request, each plan has a 30-day full refund period if you don’t use the account to receive mail or for any other purchase.

iPostal1 Monthly Plans

Below is a head-to-head comparison of ipostal1’s various monthly plans. It’s important to note that the virtual office plans have a different tier structure depending on whether you get a local or a toll-free number. 

Green Blue Silver Gold
Mail Items 30 mail items 60 mail items 120 mail items 240 mail items
Virtual Mailing (personal account) $9.99 monthly or $99 yearly $14.99 monthly or $149 yearly $24.99 monthly or $249 yearly $39.99 monthly or $399 yearly
Business Address $14.99 monthly or $149 yearly $19.99 monthly or $199 yearly $29.99 monthly or $299 yearly $44.99 monthly or $449 yearly
Virtual Office $39.99 monthly or $399 yearly(60 items and a local number) $49.99 monthly or $499 yearly(120 items and a local number) $59.99 monthly or $599 yearly(120 items and a toll-free number) $69.99 monthly or $699 yearly(240 items and a toll-free number)

Note that the minimum plan cost can also run higher as there are four location tiers – Standard, Select, Premium, and Prestige. Most are the entry-level “standard,” reflecting the pricing above. Pricier locations indicate the starting rate. For example, you could pay $9.99 monthly for the Virtual Mailing “Green” plan at one spot while another across town charges $39.99 monthly for the same plan but offers more services overall. 

Optional Services

Pricing for the following ancillary services is the same across the board. While not an exhaustive list, some of the featured amenities:

  • Mail items above plan maximum: $0.35 per excess item
  • Forward mail and packages: Current prices vary by carrier and weight
  • Mail content scanning or shredding: $2.25 per envelope up to 10 pages, then $0.25 per page (up to 33% discount is available when ordering five, 10, or 20 orders)
  • Image of invoice only: $2.95
  • Image of contents only: $3.95 (or $5.95 for both invoice and contents)
  • Check deposit by mail: $4.95 for up to five checks
  • Receive fax: $2 each for up to six pages, then $0.25 per page
  • Create and send mail: Letters (starting at $0.79) and postcards (starting at $1.19)

Phone and Fax Rates for Virtual Office Plans

All virtual office plans offer similar pricing for free and optional phone and fax features:

  • Personal voicemail greeting: Free
  • Dedicated electronic fax number in any city: Free
  • Change forwarding number at any time: Free
  • Inbound calls: U.S. local numbers ($0.015 per minute) or toll-free numbers ($0.035 per minute)
  • Outbound call forwarding (U.S. domestic): to U.S. numbers ($0.02 per minute) and to Alaska numbers ($0.12 per minute)
  • Voicemail messages: 250 minutes free per month, then $0.01 per minute
  • Incoming fax: From U.S. numbers ($0.10 per page) and international numbers ($0.15 per page)

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iPostal1 vs. Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox logo

Anytime Mailbox has over 2,200 locations worldwide and is available in most states, the District of Columbia, and several countries. Prices vary by location although many locations start at $9.99 monthly. You can choose from as few as 30 free incoming mail pieces or plans with unlimited incoming items.

Like ipostal1, Anytime Mailbox customers receive a physical street address.

Each package includes at least 10 free open and scan pages per month, unlimited recycling, and free storage for up to 30 days. Options for getting a virtual business address and setting up a virtual office are also available.

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iPostal1 vs. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent logo

Northwest Registered Agent can be an all-in-one solution to form an LLC or corporation and hire a registered agent in any state. The registered agent service can be free for the first 12 months and includes five free forwarded documents annually. Each additional item costs $15 for forwarding which is pricey.  

Fortunately, the service offers unlimited mail forwarding at $20 monthly in 13 states. The company owns most of the real estate your physical address is at, instead of relying on a third-party mailing center. The service offers business identity and virtual office packages.

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iPostal1 vs PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail logo

PostScan Mail is relatively small, with over 700 locations nationwide. Monthly digital mailboxes start at $10. Three plan options let you receive 30, 60, or 120 letters and packages free each month. Some plans include an open and scan allowance. 

Each plan includes 30 days of mail storage and seven days for packages, ideal for receiving personal and business correspondence. While it doesn’t offer virtual office services, you can use PostScan Mail as a registered agent in some states.

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Is iPostal1 a registered agent?

Unfortunately, iPostal1 doesn’t offer registered agent services although you can still use this service to receive daily business correspondence and packages at a physical mailing address. 

Is iPostal1 legit? 

Yes, iPostal1 is a verified company with TrustPilot. As of April 2024, it boasts an “Excellent” rating of 4.⅗ stars with over 6,000 reviews, with 83% of reviews garnering a 4- or 5-star rating.

What’s iPostal1’s cancellation policy? 

You can qualify for a full refund if you do not use any of the services, including receiving mail, within the first 30 days. There are no contracts, and you may enjoy the flexibility of month-to-month payments to find the best plan.

What are iPostal1’s customer service options?

ipostal1’s customer service team is available via live chat and phone, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern. Local customer service options differ by location.

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iPostal1 offers personal and business virtual mailbox services and virtual office services. They offer flexible pricing with a wide range of service plans to cater to the needs of a diverse customer base. They also have over 3,000 locations worldwide and are in all 50 states. You may be better off with Northwest Registered Agent if you need registered agent services. Otherwise, ipostal1 has enough plan options and customizable features to handle your mailing needs.

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