Recap the Sigenergy Day Europe 2024

On May 14th, the sun was shining brightly over Valencia, casting a warm glow over the picturesque landscape. The clear sky and the gentle breeze added to the charm of the day. Nestled among rolling vineyards, over 150 people assembled at Bodegas Juan Gil with Sigenergy. Sigenergy Day Europe 2024 was more than just a meeting; it was a convergence of minds and ideas, aimed at pushing the boundaries of energy storage technologies toward “One for All”.

At the Beginning of the Event

Distributors, installers, and media representatives seating, the CEO of Sigenergy, Tony Xu, delivered his opening speech. He began by highlighting the big changes anticipated in the residential and distributed energy markets. He thought the solutions centered solely around photovoltaics (PV) would soon be replaced by those focused on energy storage. “We aim to lead this industry change with our innovative 5-in-1 energy storage solutions (SigenStor) and are very grateful to our customer for entrusting Sigenergy,” he stated.

Besides, Xu emphasized that user experience will become the key battleground for competition in both residential and commercial & industrial (C&I) markets. He pointed out that the traditional approach of selling individual components and simple integrations would no longer suffice to meet the sophisticated demands of professional clients, particularly those in the C&I sector. Recognizing this shift, Sigenergy has been placing a strong emphasis on various critical aspects, from the ease of installation and grid integration to the safety design of products and systems. This has lowered the learning costs and has brought a simple and sustainable lifestyle for people.

Following Tony Xu’s inspiring speech, Mr. Gil, the head of Bodegas Familia Gil, took the stage to share his experiences and insights on their collaboration with Sigenergy. As the owner of this winery with a century-old history in winemaking, Mr. Gil appreciated Sigenergy’s C&I energy storage solution was a pivotal step towards achieving zero-carbon development for the winery.

In the Middle of the Event

In Sigenergy Day Europe 2024, there were multiple presentations and experience-sharing discussions. With the dynamic exchange of ideas, the guests discussed and pondered on the current status and prospects in the energy storage system market. Here’re the spotlights during the presentation:

  1. Roy Zhang, the Head of Global Sales & Solutions Mgmt. in Sigenergy, detailed the SigenStor solution, noting its compact and integrated design that suits residential, commercial, and industrial applications. From grid-tied to microgrid systems, from restricted environments to everywhere, you can achieve an “all-in-one” experience
  2. Daniel Fuchs, VP of EUPD Research, analyzed trends in the realm of energy storage in Europe. He pointed out the EU-27’s impressive 29% year-over-year growth in cumulative PV installations and a 51% increase in new solar PV capacity, adding about 62 GWdc. He emphasized that Germany and Italy are poised to lead the residential storage market, with nearly 70% of surveyed installers open to adopting new brands, underscoring significant market opportunities
  3. Raúl García Posada, Director of ASEALEN, agreed that solar and storage systems will become mainstream and hoped to serve more clients with greater energy storage system
  4. Sara Larsson, Head of Sales at CheckWatt, emphasized the importance of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) for the future of solar and storage systems. And she thought SigenStor was a perfect solar energy storage system in performance, which purposed for further collaboration with Sigenergy
  5. Robert Lee, CTO of Aprilice, shared success stories of SigenStor in the Nordic region, highlighting the versatility in compact installation and reliable performance in extreme cold, catering for various applications for residential or C&I use

Why Is SigenStor Outstanding on the Market?

Above all, attendees were highly impressed with Sigenergy’s SigenStor, an energy storage system. For its reasons, that’s because its advanced technologies and futuristic features stand out on the market for better modern energy storage and management.

  • 5-in-One Fully Integrated Energy Storage System

The SigenStor integrates a solar inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and Energy Management System (EMS) into a single, cohesive system. This integrated design is versatile enough to be installed in everywhere. From residential use to C&I application, from on-grid scenarios to microgrids, the SigenStor can meet all your needs.

  • Safe to Use

Battery safety is one of the primary concerns when people are operating the solar energy storage system. SigenStor is equipped with advanced protection features, such as IP66 Rating, advanced temperature sensors, internal fire extinguishers, depression valves, and more to lower the danger when operating the battery system. People now can enjoy the stored power in brownouts or blackouts without any anxiety.

  • High Consistency

SigenStor allows for 1-6 5 or 8 kWh battery modules to be stacked on the residential installation or C&I project, offering a capacity range from 5 to 48 kWh per stack (paralleling 20 stacks, tops). You can choose the perfect energy storage solution to continue your power needs at home or your business operation with no unease about running out of battery storage. Besides, if any module fails, the system would be isolated on that certain module, ensuring no interruption for the other parts. Consequently, it can deliver a 99.99% system availability so that it can reduce the economic loss of running a business and return your home to normalcy.

  • AI Empowerment

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), SigenStor offers enhanced smart functionality and reliability during the system’s working. Empowered by ChatGPT, End-Edge-Cloud integration, and other advanced AI algorithms, users of SigenStor can download the mySigen APP to experience AI-assisted energy planning, safety protection, and service support. This intelligent approach that enterprises can maximize efficiency, maintain high safety standards, and receive timely assistance, thereby minimizing downtime and operational risks.

At the same time, AI also empowers SigenStor to integrate into and facilitate the expansion of virtual power plants (VPP). In some countries, SigenStor has played a key role via AI in supporting load shedding and doing energy trading with some utilities. So, SigenStor can enhance grid stability, increase business profits, and contribute to a dynamic energy market in the future.

That’s why Sara Larsson from CheckWatt once appreciated the SigenStor on this invitation-only event because its rapid discharge speed could reach 0 to 8 kW in just 3 seconds, making it the fastest among all brands and highly satisfying for the demand in VPP. This capability is crucial for C&I applications, allowing businesses to participate in VPPs and undergo energy trade easily.

Before the End

Before the end of Sigenergy Day Europe 2024, attendees had the unique opportunity to visit Sigenergy C&I project at Bodegas Juan Gil. This over-100-year-old winery, renowned for its rich history and exquisite wines, served as the perfect backdrop to showcase the advanced energy solutions in action.

The Sigenergy’s C&I solution on Bodegas Juan Gil integrates photovoltaic (PV) panels, energy storage, and direct current fast charging. This total capacity of 2.88 MWh project is a comprehensive energy solution that has significantly optimized the winery’s energy deployment, making the whole winery operation sustainable and efficient. More importantly, this collaboration proves their moves to push the photovoltaic agricultural industry forward, assisting farmers in achieving energy independence and promoting sustainable development.

Following the insightful tour, guests were invited to taste the exquisite wines produced by Bodegas Juan Gil. As one of the biggest production and richest history wineries in Spain, Juan Gil provided a great blend of tradition and modernity: the wine tasting offered a delightful experience, celebrating the rich heritage of the winery while discussing the forward-thinking energy technologies powering its future.


The day concluded with the Sigenergy Gala Dinner, where attendees had the chance to network and unwind in a relaxed atmosphere. The dinner featured fine dining and entertainment, offering a perfect ending to a day filled with innovation, learning, and collaboration.

And the Sigenergy Day Europe 2024 event has been a resounding success, showcasing Sigenergy’s exceptional technological prowess in the field of industrial energy storage. With a global footprint that spans all over the world, “One for All” C&I energy storage solutions, the SigenStor, have been thoroughly tested and have garnered unanimous acclaim from installers and end-users alike. Through years of dedication in perceiving in solar energy industry and researching energy storage technologies, Sigenergy can always deliver the best product to make everyone enjoy green energy. Find an installer and collaborate with Sigenergy today!

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